In Search of the Orient-Express

In Search of the Orient-Express

A documentary by Louis Pascal Couvelaire.
A co-production Arte, BBC France et Together Media, in association with Bleu Kobalt.

The Orient Express is a myth, a promise of adventure and an invitation to travel in unparalleled luxury. It is quite simply the most famous train in the world. But who really knows what lies behind the legend? The many anecdotes, astonishing or dramatic in equal measure, are a reminder that the Orient-Express was, and remains, a parallel world, a daydream embellished by novelists, filmmakers and artists. A bridge between the West and the East, and a timeless legend that continues to make us dream.

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insoupconnable tf1


Leonis Endemol Shine
TF1 - 10 x 52’ - Série TV

INSOUPCONNABLE is a French television series inspired by the famous series The Fall.

Chloe Fisher, a brilliant Parisian criminologist, is sent to Lyon to investigate the murder of Adeline Moreau, daughter-in-law of the powerful local deputy Damien Moreau. The killer is Paul Brodsky, a loving, unsuspecting family man ...

The day i burning my heart


ANGO Productions
TF1 - 2 x 52’ TV movie

Jonathan Destin, 16, tries to kill himself by setting himself on fire. He falls into a coma. For her family, it is amazement when she learns that their son was harassed by his high school classmates. For the teaching staff, it is a profound challenge. For stalkers, the countdown has begun. The TV movie is freely inspired by a true story, that of Jonathan Destin. Victim of school harassment, beatings, insults and racketeering, the teenager wanted to "leave the hell" that had become his daily life.

nintendo mario nadal


Julien Roussiaux | The Jack's

To celebrate the worldwide release of the game MARIO TENNIS ACE on switch, Rafael Nadal will face the famous plumber in an advertising as crazy as improbable.

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